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1 in 4 U.S. Teens and Preteens Has Been Cyberbullied

I want to share with you the results of my company, Lavasoft’s, 2015 Cyberbullying and Online Safety Study. We surveyed more than 200 students aged 10 to 18 on their experiences with cyberbullying, as well as their online safety habits, including parental controls.

As cyberbullying remains a present and growing threat to today’s constantly-connected children and teenagers, Lavasoft conducted this survey to gain insight into the online safety factors that play a potential role in cyberbullying.

The study found that one in four students had been bullied or teased online in some way. Additionally, although nearly half of all respondents know someone who has been cyberbullied, less than 25 percent of students told an adult about the incident. The study also found that when it comes to online safety from cybercriminals, many students are unaware of best practices, with almost 60 percent of students saying they use the same password across all social media websites.

Unfortunately, it seems like there’s a new story circulating in the news every day about a victim of cyberbullying and the awful ways they were treated by people on the other side of the screen

At Lavasoft, our aim is to keep our customers safe from the growing breadth of online threats. Unfortunately, an antivirus program won’t stop a cyberbully – although we wish it could. Instead, with this survey, we’re aiming to educate parents about their children’s online behavior and the potential factors that could make them more susceptible to cyberbullying – either as a victim or an instigator.

For more information on the survey, please read our press release here